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Its Pyramid Lake. We had another great time here. Time with old friends and new friends. Here is a few pics from the trip. Many thanks to those that made it happen. Cant wait till we are on some water somewhere again soon.


photo by Tim Aicher


photo by Nick Dokken

photo by Cruz Quiroz
photo by Cruz Quiroz



Thanks for coming by.




The life of a trout bum is appealing to me. Simple living. No deadlines. No where to be. Just watching the flow of the water. In hopes of finding a few fish along the journey, wherever it may take you….. Well I guess this is my version. 

 Thanks to everyone who supports what we do.

We just fish. Less egos more amigos.




So this is Pyramid?

It’s funny how some trips materialize from thin air…..  We have talked about coming to Pyramid Lake for some time now. But as normal adult living seems to get in the way of actually living…. It seemed it would always be wishful thinking. Getting schedules aligned, finding time, money, getting there, what to do when we arrived are all the normal dilemmas…. Lame. Not quite 2 weeks before the trip, a good friend Jose made a comment on a Instagram post and the hamster wheel in my head was turning. “We got food and accommodations covered. Just get here” …..  So that solves a few items in the problem.

Just like that, it’s on. After what seemed a never-ending drive through nothing, educating and scaring our selves with Pyramid Lake history … we found ourselves at Crosby’s Lodge… well after a short sight-seeing detour anyway. Soon enough Jose rolled up with his 5th wheel and we headed to get set up…. After that, well,… that night was one of those you had to be there nights to believe what actually happened. As an 80s movie once said..”strange things are afoot at the Circle-K”…  Well I cannot remember the last time I have laughed till my body hurt. There was a roll of terrific one liners that should never be repeated.. But as we all enjoyed the night. I remember asking Jose…. “So this is Pyramid huh?”… His reply was “it’s never been this lit before bro.” And that summed up our welcome to Pyramid…

Morning came early, by the wake up call of Ryan’s Nissan Pathfinder. He patiently awaited our slow rising. Coffee, energy drinks, scones, warm up the trucks and out the door. I have to say now, getting to fish Pyramid with a few locals and guides, was educational. Thanks for sharing guys and gal;)  But back to it. We hit the first spot, wader up and down to the beach to begin fishing as the sun rose. Slow going for a few of us. But we cruised a few spots working our way along the lake. Finally getting to a place we would spend the remainder of our day. Starting to see some fish hooking up….

But my day was slow and a little frustrating. But a few more questions asked and answered, about mid afternoon I finally had my first Pyramid Cutthroat to hand. Can you spell relief?… Yes… and it ain’t spelled Rolaids… Its spelled C U T T H R O A T… all I wanted was one, a big one preferably. But beggars ain’t choosers and I’m easy, so I’ll take it.

Photo by: Tim Aicher

But I was able to put a few more to the net as we began to wrap up a sun up to sun down day with not a care in the world.

Photo by: Charlie Aicher

Idaho has some amazing sun sets… But I’ll damned if the Nevada desert doesn’t have them either. I would put that pic here.. But it’s for my eyes only. Go see your own;)

The gathering back at camp was on a lighter note tonight. Whitney and Kim were there to join in the fun. Whit had started to prep what would be a killer meal after casting the 8wt all day. Some rad fondue that if you ever get to enjoy with her, it comes highly recommended. Great company, conversations, food, Picons…

Surrounded by some fishy people…

Coming from Idaho we gained an hour through time zones… But after driving and fishing all day being tired was just a given. The Spring ahead time change happened while we slept, and I could have sworn that my head just hit the pillow as soon as I heard Ryan’s Nissan again at 4:30am idling outside the 5th wheel patiently waiting for us to move. This morning we were going to try to get to some different beaches to stake our claim for a chance at some bigguns. Headed out in the dark, half asleep as I listen to Jose’s powerstroke running down the road. Pulled into Pelican, with people already out getting things set up. Ryan made a quick trip to the beach discover a large number of ladders in the water already…. No one is there. Just ladders. I guess that is how you stake claim here. A quick regroup and we load up and head back up the road to where our night before had finished out. As our headlights shone over the lake and beach we could see we would have it all to ourselves. At least to start the day out anyway. It’s 6:15, and we can start fishing. Ryan and Cruz hook up out of the gate fast.

I am struggling… typical morning for me. HA! But once again standing in the waters with friends all around watching that sun rise in the desert. I am happy that there are moments in my life that no one can take from me. Simple is the idea. Sometimes we can take it for granted, sometimes we catch it just right where it can hit you at the core. Life is good.

We continue on the morning. The beach is beginning to fill up with people. Kim elected to sleep in before he joined us on the beach. He came down by Tim and I, and no joke within 10 minutes had a fish to hands…. He made me think he knew something I didn’t, since I had not had a fish yet and I had been out for 3 hours already. But I guess he must have brought some good vibes with him to share, Because not long after, I hooked up. Good Karma,  It’s nice to have friends that have it.

Photo by: Kim Epstein

We said good-bye to Ryan early as he had to make his journey back to Utah to guide a trip. Thanks Bud. While we fish on, we notice that Char and Jose have been asleep for a while on the beach down from us.  But Cruz fished and fished.

Photo by: Ryan Dangerfield

He never gave up this trip. I will say, Cruz has one damn fine cast. I found myself watching him often. It’s like a well oiled machine. I hope I can score a lesson or 2 from him this year on our South Fork outings. Back to Char and Jose sleeping on the beach, only to awake at what seems perfect timing for Whit to show up with breakfast. It was awesome to see the look on people’s faces to see this blonde in waders, rod in one hand and a tin of food in the other,  come down and hand out food to a select group of fisherman on the beach… Yup her and Jose know how to spoil folks.

As the day rolled on we fished some areas that had been affected by some early season flooding and run off. Saying good-bye to Kim, glad to have him come out and share his good karma with us. We kept on getting  more of these amazing fish to hand.

Photo by: Cruz Quiroz

As the light began to fade into night, we began to make our way back to camp for what would be another night of being spoiled with 9 lbs of carne esada. It  was the icing on the cake.. which by the way, I want next time Jose!

The short trip to Pyramid Lake was an experience that I hope to recreate often. It was incredible. I received a new education on fly fishing that was inspiring to me. A place with some great history. It was addicting. Fish that deserve respect.  I have caught some beautiful cutthroat in my small existence. These Pyramid strains go right in the mix. But this trip broke me free from a rut. I am a lucky guy to have friends that share the same passion for life. Friends that drop everything, put you up and put up with you…. More often than not it’s not really about the fishing. Fishing is the medium, the mechanism that brings us together. Frees us. Puts us in amazing places. Teaches us.

Photo by: Whitney Inmon

Hell, its cheaper than therapy. I try to live my life with no bad days. Some days are not as easy as others. But all those things we worry about everyday are really just microscopic to the big picture. Whats the big picture? Well.., yours is different from mine. But you can insert your version anywhere.  I know didn’t talk a lot of the details of the fishing on this trip, maybe because it was special to me or maybe I want you to get out and make your own memories. I have to again thank Jose, Whit and Kim for everything. As always, thanks to everyone who supports us here at All Season OPS. You are the reason we are here and keep us going.

Share your passions, stuff your egos. Memories before stuff.



Photo by: Tim Aicher



Ferris Sporting Brand…. The Claude Outlaw Deception 5wt review

First off I have to give a big thank you to Chris at Ferris Sporting Brand for letting me be a part of his craft rod line up. We have had some entertaining phone calls discussing the finer points in life, including fly rods. But when Chris talked to me about him building a 5wt demo rod to send out for me to put the rounds on I was pumped. The 5wt, 9′, 4 piece blank was built on a North Fork Composite blank. Which are designed by Gary Loomis. Gary designs the ferrules to get a multi-piece rod action as close as practical to that of a one piece rod. The blanks have a natural, sanded finish and show a stealthy character.

Ferris has an attention to detail that one can appreciate. Little details like a drop shot hook keeper and the signature Tiger thread wraps. The rods fish as good as they look. But the best part of these rods?…. ultimately you get to choose what you want, Ferris is just taking the headache out of the process for you, and will help you along the way to get you the craft rod you want. Check them out here

Want to cast one before you decide?? Get on the Demo list….

Which I was lucky enough to fish a 9′ 5 wt model for about 4 months this past summer. I have to say it made a solid one size fits all rod. Chris would probably be amazed at what this rod was put through and how it can perform day in and day out. I fished it mainly with an Airflo weight forward floating line. Also with a sinking tip when needed.  Nymphs, drys, big drys, flip flops, smaller streamers (and some not so small) I found this thing could do it all for me. My favorite I would say was fishing with big salmon flies, hoppers, attractors. Lots of power to get where you need yet nimble enough for precision. Not saying I have that great of precision… but I could get it in the area I needed….  Throwing small flies on top was a smooth experience as well. I found that I had room to play around with my leader lengths more than I have before. I found myself fishing longer lengths and still getting smooth line turnover and quiet landings.

We are big streamer buffs, and even though I did not fish this rod specifically for streamers… I had some days it was necessary to do so, and pretty much the only struggles it had was with large articulates or heavy weighted streamers.

All in all I do not have any complaints with The Ferris ‘Claude Outlaw Deception’. If you are in the market or questioning a new rod. I recommend you get into touch with Ferris Sporting. You won’t be disappointed.

They also have some other great products that I will be reviewing soon, Some of which I have been using every day on the water for sometime now… So stay tuned. As always, thanks for coming by and checking us out. Thanks to all who support us here at AllSeasonOPS.

Be Well, Fish On