Ferris Sporting Brand…. The Claude Outlaw Deception 5wt review

First off I have to give a big thank you to Chris at Ferris Sporting Brand for letting me be a part of his craft rod line up. We have had some entertaining phone calls discussing the finer points in life, including fly rods. But when Chris talked to me about him building a 5wt demo rod to send out for me to put the rounds on I was pumped. The 5wt, 9′, 4 piece blank was built on a North Fork Composite blank. Which are designed by Gary Loomis. Gary designs the ferrules to get a multi-piece rod action as close as practical to that of a one piece rod. The blanks have a natural, sanded finish and show a stealthy character.

Ferris has an attention to detail that one can appreciate. Little details like a drop shot hook keeper and the signature Tiger thread wraps. The rods fish as good as they look. But the best part of these rods?…. ultimately you get to choose what you want, Ferris is just taking the headache out of the process for you, and will help you along the way to get you the craft rod you want. Check them out here  ferrissporting.com/craftflyrods

Want to cast one before you decide?? Get on the Demo list….

Which I was lucky enough to fish a 9′ 5 wt model for about 4 months this past summer. I have to say it made a solid one size fits all rod. Chris would probably be amazed at what this rod was put through and how it can perform day in and day out. I fished it mainly with an Airflo weight forward floating line. Also with a sinking tip when needed.  Nymphs, drys, big drys, flip flops, smaller streamers (and some not so small) I found this thing could do it all for me. My favorite I would say was fishing with big salmon flies, hoppers, attractors. Lots of power to get where you need yet nimble enough for precision. Not saying I have that great of precision… but I could get it in the area I needed….  Throwing small flies on top was a smooth experience as well. I found that I had room to play around with my leader lengths more than I have before. I found myself fishing longer lengths and still getting smooth line turnover and quiet landings.

We are big streamer buffs, and even though I did not fish this rod specifically for streamers… I had some days it was necessary to do so, and pretty much the only struggles it had was with large articulates or heavy weighted streamers.

All in all I do not have any complaints with The Ferris ‘Claude Outlaw Deception’. If you are in the market or questioning a new rod. I recommend you get into touch with Ferris Sporting. You won’t be disappointed.

They also have some other great products that I will be reviewing soon, Some of which I have been using every day on the water for sometime now… So stay tuned. As always, thanks for coming by and checking us out. Thanks to all who support us here at AllSeasonOPS.

Be Well, Fish On


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