Year of the Little Things

Reminiscing of this past year I am coming to the conclusion that I have had another incredible season. I have fished some great water, caught beautiful fish and a lot of them. But most of all what is getting to me the most is….., People. I have met so many people that have inspired me to be a better person, a better fisherman, a better steward to the water, a better husband, father and friend. There is so much in my mind right now it is hard to put it all to words.


I have a few different hobbies that take up most of my time outdoors.  Between fishing, skiing, or sitting in the duck blind. I have some of the best friends a guy could ask for. Hell, they put up with me for one… but a common theme of our outings is always laughter and good times. From standing on top of 10,000ft mountains with Tyler, hunting birds with my Island Park Brothers, fishing with the Aichers, or cruising the Loyale with Ty and Chewy. I am a lucky guy. I am thankful for the friends that have stood behind me and really are why ASO is even here.


To much fishing?… never. And boy have we fished this year. New waters, new friends, old friends, family, trout. I know I will forget someone or something but this season was life changing for me. A different view of trout and life was brought to me. My weekend at Reel Recovery was a incredible. Such great men and new friends made. (more like brothers I never new I had). I cannot wait till next years retreat.  Floating 50 miles of the South Fork with Tim. A quick photo session with Justin Bailie along the banks of the Henry’s Fork/ Buffalo River.  Spending what seemed like an eternity on the river with the “Hank Patterson” crew.  Living like bums along the banks of the Madison River. Hours and Hours of time spent in the drift boats. H&H Outfitters… Cannot say enough about those guys! Miles and miles of hiking and wading to places that are beautiful and untouched. Sharing some of my home water with Chris and Ferris Sporting……. I am sitting here flipping though my journal and I cannot believe this year…..

Really what brought such strong feelings of gratitude to me from this season, was from a float on the Henry’s Fork this spring with my Daughter Indee. A day that started like any other on the river. High fives and smiles. Ended up helping a family in need. Pulling one of their family members from the water lifeless, only for him to succumb to injuries later that day. That moment hit me at the core of my soul.  I have not spent a day on the water since that I am not terrified of the reality of the river. But I also have not spent a day on the water that has not filled me with happiness and joy to tell me how my life is good. And that all the little things that eat at me, really don’t matter. We all have our trials. We are here for each other. We all need that happiness.


Whatever you do that puts you in your comfort zone. Do it. Get out there and live it. Share your passions with others. Thank you to all of you who support us. You keep us pumped.  I hope you all have an incredible season.

To Emily, Indee, Camas. I love you Girls. You are what keeps me going. Thanks for loving me. Sorry you have to live with a nutty guy like me. I love that the little things in life are what align us as a family.  Here is to many seasons to come. High Fives and Smiles.


Man fly fishing in the Box Canyon section of the Henry's Fork of the Snake in NE Idaho.
Photo by Justin Bailie. Be sure to check out his work at

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