Low Lifes on the Madison River


I am not really sure how Tim and I come up with the fishing plans… but sometimes it comes together, and comes together well.  We decided to make a trip up to fish and float the Madison River. Lucky for us is was during the salmon-fly hatch. But sometimes we cannot decide either to live large… or be total low life’s.

We went into the trip about 50/50… between being prepared and completely flying on the seat of our pants. But it ended up being a killer trip. Ramen, Hot dogs and the staple mint oreos…. we managed to live like kings along the banks of the Madison River. Our bud Char even showed up for a couple days with his on Chris to join in on chasing fish.

Besides the clips from Montana the video also shows a few clips of our latest outings just having some fun.

I must say I am amazed when I stop and realize the people that surround me in my life and share the same passions as I do. I am a lucky person. I am continuing to meet new people that are aligned with the same visions as me. I hope you all are getting out there. Stay safe. Thanks for coming by. Hope to see you all out there.


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