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Fly Fishing Frustrations…… The Triple F Bomb……

I swear I tie better knots with my tippet around the limbs of a willow tree than on the eye of my hooks……Its like some mystical force of nature that cannot be explained….  Stupid bush…..


snags, leaky waders, weather, broken rods,  I think every fisherman has had their share of rough days. I certainly have mine. I recall snapping a fly rod over my leg in my younger years because I couldn’t handle myself. (F bombs galore). I understand that not everyday can be fed with fish, but I have been working on the mantra of No Bad Days. Some are easier than others, but finding my learning curve out of failing has actually taught me some valuable lessons on the water.wer

It isn’t easy. On a recent South Fork float Tim and I were Starting out the normal morning… Tim rowing… Max fishing…. Great right? Not even close.  I could not get my shit together. Getting rigged up didn’t feel right… snagged up the fly within a few casts… new fly…. first cast into a tree….. Then some kind heckling from Tim. I was about to implode. So in my search for inner fly fishing Chi…. I cracked a dewski out of the cooler, swapped Tim on the oars, opened my eyes to where we actually were… and my day turned around. I was able to watch Tim  work his fly mojo. When I was finally up to bat again I was able to focus on one thing at a time. One knot, one cast, one fish. I still lost some fly’s. But just focusing on one thing at a time made the day fish well for me. Some times it easy to over think it when you fly fishing. There are a lot of variables you need to be concentrating on.  But this obsession we share is about fun, friends, good times, and relaxing. (not getting pissed off and snapping rods;)

Failing is never fun. But learning from your failures makes you a better fisherman. One of the big draws of fly fishing to me is there is always something new to learn. There are a lot of elements to your environment, casting, fly tying, getting fish in the net… and a little luck never hurts your odds. I have actually started to enjoy the tough days on the water.. trying to figure out where the fish are(besides knowing there in the water), their habits, the insects, tying,  the list is endless to me. It’s an ongoing process.  You have to have those tough days to really become full circle with fly fishing.


Ask questions. There is no detail to small you may pick up from asking questions. Although I try to avoid certain fly shops that in my option are full of large egos and elitists. We have some local shops that are about your experience on the water, not them talking about how badass they are. When out on the water don’t be hesitant to stop and watch other fishermen out there. See what there doing, how they are doing it, and if they are getting fish. You can always learn something new, every day is a new day. Something I find addicting when searching for Trout, in our Idaho waters.

Frustrations will come to all of us at some point in our journeys. Just remember to make the most of them by figuring out your failures. Whatever fly fishing is to you, I hope you make the best of your rough days. There is still something great out there if you keep your eyes open to the picture around you. See you all soon. Thanks for coming over.


on the fly all season

Back again with a new edit, what a great few weeks the fishing has had!!! hope every one is getting out! Some great days hitting the golden stones on the South Fork, to some drake, stone, and streamer action on the Henrys Fork! Summer seems to go to fast here in Idaho, so enjoy it !!!  I have to say thanks to all my family and friends who put up with my crap and spend time with me on the water. From helping with boat shuttles, or that extra scull so I can get one more cast. You all know who you are. But I love doing what I love, with you all. I hope there are many more days out there for all of us together.  Hope you enjoy the vid, and thanks for stopping by! Check back often.

Our comfort Zone….

our comfort zone

Well we are finally here….    Where “here” exactly is, we have no idea…. For you who are just getting to know us; well, we live our lives day to day, in search of life. Which normally means we don’t have to look very hard, it seems to find us. I know not every day can be amazing. But you can find those moments if you look. Life passes by fast…. and can change forever in a split second.

We do what we do for one simple reason. Its what makes us happy. The love of adventures and problems along the journey. Family, friends, and making new friends along the way. Sharing our quest is what we want to do. Not really sure what we actually want to accomplish in the end, but we are going to keep on searching for ourselves in the mediums which we love. Whatever yours is… do it, share it, love it. Its amazing what can happen when you look outside of the box called “life”.

You need your comfort zone…. but you also have to break free from it to see who you are and who you can become. This is our version. Thanks for joining us for the ride.