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Ranch Times, a 208 story

I have spent a good part of my life in Island Park, from summers growing up with grandpa Max, to living and working at Elk Creek Station. What a place it is. Its never a bad day when its spent here.

My good friend Dustin and myself headed in to Elk Creek Ranch the other morning in hopes of getting some trout.  Elk Lake use to have a strong population of Brook trout. But over time the owners have begun to stock the lake with rainbows… These fish get Fat!!! They are aggressive, and you have to be a little stealthy. We fished some small black beetles, ant, and wooly buggers.

Ended up catching fish on all of them. We lost count of how many after we each hit 10. There is some big hogs in that lake! There will be some good video to come out of this trip, so be sure to look in the next youtube installment for it.

Stoked about having the opportunity to get into the ranch and fish often. Any one looking for a nice quiet get away, this is a good place to start.

Our comfort Zone….

our comfort zone

Well we are finally here….    Where “here” exactly is, we have no idea…. For you who are just getting to know us; well, we live our lives day to day, in search of life. Which normally means we don’t have to look very hard, it seems to find us. I know not every day can be amazing. But you can find those moments if you look. Life passes by fast…. and can change forever in a split second.

We do what we do for one simple reason. Its what makes us happy. The love of adventures and problems along the journey. Family, friends, and making new friends along the way. Sharing our quest is what we want to do. Not really sure what we actually want to accomplish in the end, but we are going to keep on searching for ourselves in the mediums which we love. Whatever yours is… do it, share it, love it. Its amazing what can happen when you look outside of the box called “life”.

You need your comfort zone…. but you also have to break free from it to see who you are and who you can become. This is our version. Thanks for joining us for the ride.